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The Labyrinthauros

From the game description:
"Mechanical guardian of the Founding Labyrinth, created by the hand of the ingenious Daedalus himself! It stood motionless at the entrance to the outer maze for decades, so long in fact, that nature started to claim it. A few months ago something changed. Labyrinthauros moved – and it went for the kill.

It comes and goes in a moment’s notice, a 36 ft. (12 meter) iron giant that performs surgical strikes against the Horned Guard, claiming more and more ground for those, whose coming it heralds: the Labyrinthians.

But the Labyrinthauros hides a terrible secret. It’s mechanical heart is not mechanical at all…"

Bartek fedyczak char2d labyrinthauros bf 09

The Labyrinthauros final.

Bartek fedyczak char2d labyrinthauros bf 10

Labyrinthauros houses a secret parasite living within it.